When a baby is diagnosed with Down syndrome, parents are confronted with coping strategies, given statistics, and often told

I'm sorry.

The Congratulations Project book contains handwritten, original letters from individuals with Down syndrome to expecting or new parents whose baby has received the same diagnosis. They all being with the same, simple message:




About The Book

The Congratulations Project book is a published compilation of Congratulations Project letters. The book was released on World Down Syndrome Day in 2018 and highlights over 30 original, handwritten letters from individuals with Down syndrome. PALS Programs works to share this book as a resource for those within the Down syndrome community, and an inspiration for everyone who picks it up. We hope people find this book in a doctor’s office, in a hospital waiting room, on a friend’s coffee table, and when they need it the most.

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As you read the Congratulations Project letters in this book, you will see what [my son] saw that week. Each one is really a love letter to life and all its possibilities. And they are written not just to the new parents of babies with Down syndrome, but to the babies themselves.
— Meredith Viera

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