About The Letters

The Congratulations Project is an initiative of PALS Programs, an organization that designs weeklong programming for individuals with Down syndrome and their peers. During every program, participants spend a few hours writing letters for The Congratulations Project. Authors are encouraged to write about their lives, their hopes, and their dreams. The only requirement is that every letter must begin with “Congratulations.”

After the program, letters are scanned into a database and paired with a photo of the author during their week at PALS.  When requests are received, a letter is chosen and packaged with a handmade PALS bracelet, and a “Future Camper” onesie that entitles the recipient to their first week of PALS for free.



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Our letters are shipped around the globe, at no charge to the recipient. You can request a letter for a friend or family member, or even for yourself.

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Have you already received a letter and would like to respond to your author? Complete the form here and we will connect you.

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“I feel like we've been on an Island this whole time and we just received a message in a bottle.”

— Letter recipient